My solution to the immigration problem with Mexico.

Okay, this is how we can handle the immigration problem with Mexico:  we line up the National Guard, all of the Army, Marine Corps, and fill the air over our border with Mexico with all of our planes, line up our Navy and Coast Guard ships along the Mexican coastline and invade.  We then shoot every government official,  take all of the narcotic barons and their people and shoot them as well.  Then we formally annex Mexico,and put it under martial law.  We then take whatever resources we want from Mexico to pay for the invasion and set up a full time military government with draconian laws in place for all the Mexicans to see.  This would still be the most honest, efficient, and humane government that the Mexicans would have ever had.

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Democrats: Stupid assholes or evil shitheads?

Democrats respond from an emotional basis.  All of there takes on any problem or situation comes from an emotionally based point of view.  Furthermore, they try to pass off their greediness as being a just concern for the well being of their fellow man.  Robert A. Heinlein once stated that he would prefer to work with a person who had made it known that they were looking out for their own self interests instead of them being concerned with just charitable.  This was because the individual or individuals who were working for their own interests, were more likely to be honest and have a better plan set out to succeed.

Democrats turn out to want to screw people out of their money and property and also want to come off looking like they are the white knight riding in to save the day.  So, they fuck things up for everyone and even in their greed, they aren’t effective.  So, they are both stupid and evil and a huge bunch of assholes.

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My email address is  If you want to comment to me there instead of leaving a comment here, feel free to do so.  The reason I am putting this up is that someone just sent a e-mail to me, wanting to be a asshole in private.  That’s ok, I can understand that.

Now, as to my previous post, I don’t always believe that violence is the best answer, but when it is the answer, it is the only one that will work.

Now to all Muslims everywhere, fuck you.

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Trying to talk with a Muslin, just remember he is right all the time.

I was online yesterday and got into a very non-friendly debate with a Muslim.  He was ranting how the Bible is a corruption of the true word of God and I said yes, the Bible is a collection of books that were agreed upon by scholars as being cannon or true to the laws of God.  I was trying to make the point that the Bible is a creation of man, not a series of direct missives from the lord God Almighty.  Furthermore I stated that while the Bible should be considered holy, it is not infallible, as the hand (or hands) of man had influenced it’s current form.  I then made the statement that since Mohamed was a man, he is not infallible or perfect.

This set off a shit storm with the Muslim fellow I was chatting with.  You would have thought that I had called his mother a whore and he certainly called mine one.  Muslims have a victim’s attitude:  that is, they do nothing wrong, but are the targets of kuffars who are out to destroy them and Islam.

Guess what, since 9/11, my personal experiences with Muslims, and the fact that most terrorist acts are now carried out by Muslims, I will treat any Muslim as a fanatical asshole who would make the Earth a little better if he (or she) blew their brains out.  I have run into “moderate” Muslims before and they tend to agree with the fanatics of their religion.  After any Muslim terrorist commits some heinous act (often against their own kind), you will see some Imam (Arabic for douchebag), say that the terrorist was forced to do this act because of the actions of the West.

I remember talking to a Muslim co-worker of mine, who got mad at me because I was eating a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit at my desk.  He came up started to scream that I had made the work place unclean and threatened me.  I got called in, without having said a word to the idiotic asshole, and was written up for harassment.  Fortunately, I have a really good lawyer, who wrote a series of threatening letters to the HR department where I worked at then and then started the process of a civil suit and the reprimand was rescinded and I was apologized to by the HR department head.  The little pissant who started all of this found me one day at a local Wally World and started screaming and spitting on me.  I did what any redneck would do, I broke his jaw.  Police were called and upon reviewing the Wal Mart security camera tapes (mark one up for Big Wally), the little sand ape was told he had instigated a fight and all I did was defend myself.

So, if you are a fucking shitty sand maggot, fuck you, and I hope your syphilitic goat gives you a good ass fucking.

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Different types of leaders.

I remember reading a study on the different types of leaders several years back. In it, there were two types of leaders, moral leaders (and nothing about morality was implied in the description of this kind of leadership), and practical leaders.

The first was simply the kind of people who could get others to do things that were generally fun to do. Like being the life of the part, the person got everyone together and got things going. The other kind of leaders were the ones who solved problems, were good administrators, and helped things get done.

I think that generally the Democrats have been the moral leaders, in other words, they started the feel good legislation and could rally people to their cause, but the Republicans were the ones who got things started and then finished. In other words, the Dems brought the beer, whiskey, and dance music and the Republicans were the ones who filed permits for the dance club, got the place rented, and then set up the utilities for the club so there would be lights, bathrooms, and whatever else was needed to pull off a party successfully.

Now, it seems as though the Republicans want to be the ones that have all of the fun, and that is understandable: basically, they have been adults to the Democrats frat boys. I mean Republicans come off as cold hearted, money grubbing, and will say no to everything. The Democrats have been seen as warm, giving, and the ones who care about others. The only thing is, being cold, analytical, and conservative, you tend to not only get things done, but you get them done quicker and better and where they will do the most good. The Democrats approach is a scattershot method at best, and if they do anything worthwhile, it is only a short term benefit and usually will cause more problems than it solves.

But the desire to be liked has given rise to the RINO (Republican In Name Only). These twerps embody the worst of both parties, ineptness, fecklessness, and sheer out and out dishonesty. That is why they must be hunted down, skinned alive and forced to roll large stones up the hills of Tarterus.

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Why the Democrats are a bunch of racist pricks.

In the Antebellum South, and on up until about the 1950’s, the Democratic party often took the tack that blacks and other minorities were sub-humans and could not be trusted with political power.  Some Republicans took this point of view as well, but the Republicans used to be of the mindset that at least everyone had the right to try and fail, or maybe even succeed.  Democrats on the other hand, just changed the lines of their fully racist and extremely patronizing attack, i.e., instead of saying now that blacks, hispanics, asians, and other minority groups are sub human, have no true intellectual ability and should be kept minimalized (kept in ghettos), they now say that white America should give the poor, underachieving minorities special privilieges to help give them a leg up because those same aren’t as intellectually capable as white people.  And that if those poor niggers, spics, gooks, and redskins will vote the way the Democrats want them to vote, then they can all have pie in the sky, free money (Matthew Lesko will be your personal coach on that), and that America will become an immediate utopia.

In other words, the Democrats still think that minorities need to be controlled and used and that they aren’t able to handle being full fledged members of society.  The conservative approach is, that everybody has the same rights and those rights are to be protected fiercely for everyone.  All citizens will have the right to try and pursue life, liberty, and success.  It doesn’t guarantee that your efforts will be rewarded or that you will even break even, just that you have the right to try (don’t say, there is no try, just do or do not,  I will kick you in the nuts you fucking ‘tardo).  Unfortunately, I don’t think that the Republicans still feel that way.  It seems like that they have moved away from trying to study a problem, take the necessary steps to solve any issues that come up and are now trying to be liked by everyone.  Guess what, you can’t be everything to everyone, some times you are going to piss someone off simply because you exist.  Do your best, try to be fair and fuck everyone who says you are a racist.

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On Healthcare, redistribution of wealth, and the Cloward-Piven strategy.

I am awaiting to see if a judge will award me disability.  This pisses me off in two ways, one, I am really disabled, can’t work, can’t function a lot of the time and I am almost always sick.  Second, it’s my fuckin’ money they are thinking about letting me have.  See, I started working when I was twelve, back in 1978, hauling hay and mowing yards.  My dad made me file and pay taxes.  Now, over the next thirty one years, I paid almost $375,000 dollars into Medicaid, Social Security, and FICA.  After I paid my first  set of taxes, my dad made me set down and figure out how much money I could make if I had invested my tax money for Social Security or Medicaid into the market.  With assumptions for economic downturns and upswings, my theoretical investments came out to about $1.3 million dollars.  This pisses me off, because just using a middle school knowledge of mathematics and accounting, I could have been a millionaire by now if I had been allowed to put those monies into a private account.  But the good hearted US gummint, didn’t want me to do that.  Why, because Social Security has been the country’s private Pay Day loan center for the past 27 years.  Congress has borrowed from it when there was a deficit and now my money (and yours too), is gone and has been replaced by a fairly worthless IOU.  Well, you might say, that is all the US dollar  is, is a government IOU.  Well, the dollar is a private note that has the full force of the US government behind it, and unless our country goes tits up, it will be worth something, even if it is just a fraction of what it is supposed to be worth.  Meanwhile the IOU’s that congress has left in the Social Security fund, aren’t backed up by anything.  Meaning, congress can renege on those debts anytime they want and there is no legal recourse that can be taken.

Now, on healthcare,  I like the idea of universal healthcare, but there is still the problem of how is it going to be paid for?  See, the money you and I paid into Social Security and Medicaid is gone, so we can’t begin drawing out on our money that was there.  Social Security and medicaid is now a charity or a better description, it is a ponzi scheme.  Those kind of plans only work well, when there are many people contributing to them and few people taking from them.  See, this is why redistribution of wealth won’t work in the long run.  More have to produce and contribute to the whole and fewer have to take from it.  In capitalism, most people strive to earn more so they can have a better life.  When you get scenario where fewer and fewer produce and more and more consume without adding to the whole, you get a point where the productive people don’t have any incentives to produce.  This continues until you have a society of takers and no producers, and thus are presented with a malthusia solution, i.e., cannibalism.

Redistribution of wealth is at the heart of the Cloward-Piven strategy and it has the same fundamental flaws.  A guaranteed national income, whether or not you produce any goods or services of value, and thus no incentive to strive to better yourself or your situation.  This is what I hate about being disabled.  Due to almost constant nausea, brought on by systemic neuropathy, lack of mobility due to chronic pain in my legs and feet, and retinopathy, I can’t read as well as I used, can’t get out and do much of anything, and have almost nothing to look forward.  The stagnation of my existence is a bane to how I have lived and thought for most of my life.  Right now, if it weren’t for my mother helping me out and my doctor giving me some free samples of medicine, and the Wal-Mart generic prescription plan, I might not even be alive.

The end result, is that local charities work the best, and when the federal government enters the equation, efficiency goes out the door and waste comes spilling in, however, I still want my disablity, because if I get that, I will get some sort of healthcare, which will better that what I have now.  I still don’t know how it is going to get paid for though.

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