I’m going to try and learn arabic.

I have found several sites on the internet that will give free language and syntax lessons in arabic, so I am going to try and learn to speak, read, and write it. My main reason for doing this is Sun Tzu’s old adage, that you should know your enemy. I think that right now, the Western world is going to go into battle with the hateful and evil forces of islam and therefore, we should know our enemy in order that we might overcome and destroy them.

I don’t mind saying this, but from what I have read (only in English so far), islam is an evil religion and is morally inferior to satanism. At least satanists admit they worship the devil and muslims try to fool you into thinking they worship the same God as Jews and Christians.


About conan1264

No, I don't live in Texas, but I used to live there. I am crude, don't believe in being unnecessarily urbanized and my opinions tend to upset most "civilized" folks... and I don't give a shit.
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