Why I don’t like taxes.

I don’t like taxes.  I really don’t.  Even though Joe Biden seems to feel like I should just open up my wallet and give everything in there to Uncle Sugar, I still don’t like taxes.

Well, I don’t like taxes, because the federal, state, county, and city governments almost invariably waste the tax money they take in, and it isn’t even spent in a way that at least brings some entertainment to me.  When the Republican party found out it had footed the bill for a group of it’s local bureaucrats expedition to a lesbian bondage bar, I enjoyed that and almost considered renewing my membership in the GOP.  Around here, most money that is collected for taxes goes into the pockets of local thugs and capos (i.e., LEO’s and lawyers).  No entertainment value at all.

Next, tax rates have risen and incomes have fallen.  In 2000, I made a little over $100,000 and paid about $20,000 in taxes (federal, state, county, and city taxes combined), and in 2009, I made about $30,000 and paid $10,000 in total for all my taxes.  So I made less, paid a higher percentage in taxes.  That sucks.  While I paid more in taxes, it was a smaller amount of my pay and I had almost 4 times as much in take home pay.

Now, I just got through reading Lewis Black’s interview in the Tulsa World, and he was mocking the Tea Party.  He said that we are against taxes and don’t want to tax the rich.  Well, that’s not true, the rich (meaning people who have a lot of disposable income right now) have already got it set up so that they don’t pay taxes or pay a whole lot less than anyone else would.  Think the Kennedy’s pay a lot of taxes?  No, they have tax shelters and a whole army of accountants and tax lawyers who do nothing but make sure that they keep their money.    They also get laws written so that the wannabe noveau riche, have a much harder time making and keeping money.  Grandfather clauses are written into laws so that people who already have money can keep more of their money, but that when someone comes up with a way to make money through a new service or product or simply from having a valuable skill set, they are automatically going to have to struggle up hill to be able to keep a larger percentage of their earnings.  You see money is power in one of it’s most potent forms, and the rich don’t want to share power, at all.

Need and example?  Microsoft, with it’s offices suite and operating systems has put a lot of hard work into discouraging people from using UNIX.  UNIX is a very powerful and arcane operating system.  In the commercial forms such as Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, it is expensive and hard to learn.  But guess what.  LINUX and FREE BSD are out there too, and they are free and actually kind of easy to use.  For about $15 to $20, you can get the latest copy of FREE BSD and if you have a standard PC or laptop with a bootable CD or DVD drive, you can install FREE BSD on your system.  Now, you will have to learn how to configure it, and set up internet and printer connections, but if you are of at least normal intelligence, you can do it.  You can then also install a whole shitload of software applications that are free and will do everything that Microsoft’s overpriced garbage can do and will often do it better.  Like the idea of being able to create your own .pdf’s?  Free software for that and you don’t have to shell out major bucks for Adobe’s piece of crap to do it with.  You can also get WinE’s or Windows Emulators to run Windows based software apps on your FREE BSD.  The only thing you will have to do, is learn the basics of FREE BSD and maybe buy a guide on the basics of how to use it.  Total investment should be around $30, and that will save you from having to buy a $150 worth of Windows OS’s, addons, and other apps for your computer.  But Bill Gates doesn’t want you to know this and has worked very hard to keep it a secret and he has bad mouthed any other non-Windows based OS to keep you from learning about it.  Same with Apple, even though their current Server based NOS is based on LINUX.

The rich want to keep power and want to keep you poor and ignorant.  They want you to keep paying more taxes, a lot of which is then given back to  them in the form of government bailouts.  I mean with the stimulus acts (both the ones that Bush and Obambi pushed), it would have down a lot more good, if the total payments were divied up equally amongst all American citizens.  That would have totaled about $30,000 for each of us and I know I could have used that money myself.  But instead it was given to corporations, banks, and the states and very little of it has trickled down to us poor peons.  Most  of the money that went to big business and banks, stayed there, very little of it went to small business owners and community banks and credit unions.

So to people like Lewis Black, and his ilk, I say simply, fuck you.  Being poor sucks, and assholes like the Kennedy’s, the Obamas, and the Bush’s, can suck my dick.


About conan1264

No, I don't live in Texas, but I used to live there. I am crude, don't believe in being unnecessarily urbanized and my opinions tend to upset most "civilized" folks... and I don't give a shit.
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