Review on the Remington LE7615 Patrol Rifle.

Quick and too the point: it shot tight groups using Monarch brass cased .223 Remington Ammo from Academy.  Groups were shot from 200, 300, and 400 yards (didn’t have enough space to shoot a five hundred yard group).  Using Marine Corps grading methods, I would have shot a 232 (with allowances made for the 400 yard group).  That would have qualified as a Expert for the USMC BCM score.

The LE 7615 patrol rifle uses either .223 Remington (civilian version of the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO round) and it can also shoot the 5.56 Nato safely as well.  The receiver is strong enough to handle NATO rounds due the hotter burning powder that the military rounds carry.  Also, the LE 7615 will accept most M-16, AR 15, and M4 magazines.  It shouldn’t qualify as a assault rifle (the media’s version, not the BATFE’s version) as it is a pump action rifle and not a semi-automatic rifle.  Good range, good grouping with iron sights, and handles well.  Just wish they would make it in 6.8 SPC or 7.62 NATO.


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