My solution to the immigration problem with Mexico.

Okay, this is how we can handle the immigration problem with Mexico:  we line up the National Guard, all of the Army, Marine Corps, and fill the air over our border with Mexico with all of our planes, line up our Navy and Coast Guard ships along the Mexican coastline and invade.  We then shoot every government official,  take all of the narcotic barons and their people and shoot them as well.  Then we formally annex Mexico,and put it under martial law.  We then take whatever resources we want from Mexico to pay for the invasion and set up a full time military government with draconian laws in place for all the Mexicans to see.  This would still be the most honest, efficient, and humane government that the Mexicans would have ever had.


About conan1264

No, I don't live in Texas, but I used to live there. I am crude, don't believe in being unnecessarily urbanized and my opinions tend to upset most "civilized" folks... and I don't give a shit.
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