Trying to talk with a Muslin, just remember he is right all the time.

I was online yesterday and got into a very non-friendly debate with a Muslim.  He was ranting how the Bible is a corruption of the true word of God and I said yes, the Bible is a collection of books that were agreed upon by scholars as being cannon or true to the laws of God.  I was trying to make the point that the Bible is a creation of man, not a series of direct missives from the lord God Almighty.  Furthermore I stated that while the Bible should be considered holy, it is not infallible, as the hand (or hands) of man had influenced it’s current form.  I then made the statement that since Mohamed was a man, he is not infallible or perfect.

This set off a shit storm with the Muslim fellow I was chatting with.  You would have thought that I had called his mother a whore and he certainly called mine one.  Muslims have a victim’s attitude:  that is, they do nothing wrong, but are the targets of kuffars who are out to destroy them and Islam.

Guess what, since 9/11, my personal experiences with Muslims, and the fact that most terrorist acts are now carried out by Muslims, I will treat any Muslim as a fanatical asshole who would make the Earth a little better if he (or she) blew their brains out.  I have run into “moderate” Muslims before and they tend to agree with the fanatics of their religion.  After any Muslim terrorist commits some heinous act (often against their own kind), you will see some Imam (Arabic for douchebag), say that the terrorist was forced to do this act because of the actions of the West.

I remember talking to a Muslim co-worker of mine, who got mad at me because I was eating a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit at my desk.  He came up started to scream that I had made the work place unclean and threatened me.  I got called in, without having said a word to the idiotic asshole, and was written up for harassment.  Fortunately, I have a really good lawyer, who wrote a series of threatening letters to the HR department where I worked at then and then started the process of a civil suit and the reprimand was rescinded and I was apologized to by the HR department head.  The little pissant who started all of this found me one day at a local Wally World and started screaming and spitting on me.  I did what any redneck would do, I broke his jaw.  Police were called and upon reviewing the Wal Mart security camera tapes (mark one up for Big Wally), the little sand ape was told he had instigated a fight and all I did was defend myself.

So, if you are a fucking shitty sand maggot, fuck you, and I hope your syphilitic goat gives you a good ass fucking.


About conan1264

No, I don't live in Texas, but I used to live there. I am crude, don't believe in being unnecessarily urbanized and my opinions tend to upset most "civilized" folks... and I don't give a shit.
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