I guess I’m a racist.

I don’t like the Obama administrations’ plans for healthcare, new taxes, and just about any other stand on the issues it takes.  So that makes me a racist according the talking heads in Washington, New York, and the west coast elite.  I just thought that I paid too much in taxes and that my elected representatives didn’t listen to me when I made my displeasure known.   When I said, I like the idea of universal health coverage, and then went on to ask how are you going to pay for it and then administer it efficiently, people would gasp, point at me and emit a high pitched shriek as I asked how the blatantly obvious inconsistencies in the President’s description of how health care would work.

I mean, I would really like healthcare for myself, especially since I am not covered by Medicare and can’t afford to purchase private insurance and I have for over thirty years paid into Medicare (or Medicaid, I can’t remember the differences between them).  If I  had been under the regular care of a doctor since I became disabled, and could afford the proper medicine, my neuropathy might not have progressed to the point where I have trouble walking, sleeping, reading, and in general just living, but there still exists the problem of how to pay for it and how is it to be administered.

Most government programs are a shambling, corrupt, and absolutely idiotic mess of bureaucrats who only want to keep what power they get and increase their own personal fiefdoms in the government fold.  As a matter of fact, I sincerely think that government bureaucracies are a threat to our country.  These bureaucracies can make rules that have the force of law and can fine and force people or businesses to buy licenses (thereby subverting the powers of Congress), they can also enforce their own rules (this is what the president is supposed to do), and people can be sent to jail with no judicial review (i.,e., the courts are out of the loop as well).  Plus, Congress has almost no oversight over these bodies and thus they are not subject to the will of the people.  Essentially the bureaucracies as the FBI, NSA, CIA, SEC, FTC, IRS, FDA, et al, are a fourth branch of government.  It seems as though they could force a overthrow of the other three branches if they wanted to do so as well.

Now, back to the main issue:  accroding to the democraps, the NAACP, the New Black Panthers, and their minions, I am a racist.  Ok, I can live with that.  Let’s move on to the other problems at hand.  We have a stymied economy, lack of accountability in our elected officials, rising world threats, a looming energy crisis, and a shitload of other problems.  However, the afore mentioned groups, entities, persons of color, and dumbasses in general can’t get past me being a racist.  Guess what  you win.  But, according to the Constitution, I have the right to be racist  I am not going to change my mind, and if you try to force me to stop being racist, you are going to get fucked up.  Just remember, you liberals, progressives, and dumbasses of color are the ones who changed the definition of racism to include anyone who disagrees with you.

Tell you what, you can call me a racist and I will call you a dumbass.  We can both have the right to live our lives in peace, but despising each other.  You can despise me for being racist, i.e., being smart enough to realize you are no more intelligent than a brain damaged gnat, and I can hate you for being dumber than a brain damaged gnat who wants to take my money and property and redistribute it to others who have no right to it.

There we go, all problems are solved, you cocksuckers.


About conan1264

No, I don't live in Texas, but I used to live there. I am crude, don't believe in being unnecessarily urbanized and my opinions tend to upset most "civilized" folks... and I don't give a shit.
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